Aromatherapy Oracle Cards

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Those Who Already Use The Cards Had This To Say...

"My mind being influenced by the belief systems of the collective subconscious, I initially started using the Tongue of The Trees oracle cards only as a learning and self-reflection tool on my path of connecting with the plants. The powerful wisdom of these cards are so profound that working with them naturally evolved into various methodologies in my aromatherapy and holistic coaching practice. I am now bold to suggest that blending these plant cards into your private and professional life may greatly contribute to a new joyful level of holistic approach to life, health and self-care, creating bridges between mental, emotional, physical & spiritual aspects of our human nature."

Ildikó (Essential Reflections / Crete

"I love the cards from the beginning. One can use them in many ways. Sometimes I just draw one when I need a quick answer or just randomly. The illustrations are charming and the messages are truly personal. If I can I always smell the given essential oil, this way the “picture” becomes complete."

Gabriella / Pomanders

The cards understand me. 
Rather I think the oils understand what I need. The most beautiful part of this experience, personally, is reading in the poems what the oils wish to let me know, and my goodness is it accurate. An emotional moment really. I could FEEL them in my spirit urging me along to listen to the edification and wisdom they brought me via Elizabeth’s hand in the words written from their essence.
When the aromas were given to me – euphoric! I couldn’t STOP breathing them in, which is great because I don’t stop and breathe enough. Thank you for this beautiful gift to my wellbeing."

Belinda Borradaile / UK

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