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Contents of The Video Knowledge Base

Blending with Intention

International teacher Gergely Hollodi looks at different ways one can blend oils to bring about a variety of therapeutic effects and products.

Foundations of Medical Astrology

The medicines of the Eastern World are well known, but somehow in the growth of orthodox medicine, the foundations of our own Western Traditional Medicines have got lost.
Hippocrates, Galen, Culpepper all drew on the knowledge of the planets and their energies to understand how disease might have been playing out in the human physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Understanding Physic
Discussing the Three World Hermetic View.

A Brief Outline to The Humours

Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melancholic and Sanguine – The Western Worlds Elements

The Four Levels of An Archetype
An archetype can be understood on the physical level, the emotional and mental levels and in terms of how one integrates and separates from things going on in the wider world, the context Jung described as individuation.
In this lecture we see how each level is separate but inextricably linked to the others.

Planetary Medicine

Sun Medicine – The Lessons of the Ego
Moon Medicine – The Lessons of Unconscious Mind
Mercury Medicine – The Lessons of The Conscious Mind
Venus Medicine – The Lessons of Love
Mars Medicine – The Lessons of War
Jupiter Medicine – The Lessons of Expansion
Saturn Medicine – The Lessons of Restriction
Uranus Medicine – The Lessons of Innovation
Neptune Medicine – The Lessons of Delusion
Medical Astrology Signs
Archetype of Aries; The Warrior
Archetype of Taurus: Peace and Mother Earth
Archetype of Gemini: Thoughts and Conversation
Archetype of Cancer: Nourishment
Archetype of Leo: The Ego
Archetype of Virgo: Systemic Organisation
Archetype of Libra: Balance and Justice
Archetype of Scorpio: Transformation
Archetype of Sagittarius: Cultural Growth
Archetype of Capricorn: Governance
Archetype of Aquarius: Originality
Archetype of Pisces: Dreams
The Cusps – Mixed Blessings of the medicines of two signs being blended together.

The Polarities
Aries/Libra - The Renal Axis
Taurus/Scorpio - The Generative Axis
Gemini/Sagittarius - The Respiratory Axis
Cancer/Capricorn - The Nutritive / Structural Axis
Leo/Aquarius - The Circulatory Axis
Virgo/Pisces - The Digestive / Immune Axis

Ayurvedic Medicine
Introduction to The Doshas
Vata: The subtle movement of space and air. How it affects digestion, the skin and thought
Pitta: The fearsome clash of fire and water and its affects on temper, fluids and organs
Kapha: The heavy mix of Earth and water and its affects on mood, digestion and fluids.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Introduction to the Elements
Wood - The Energy of Spring
Fire - The Energy of Summer 
Earth - The Energy of The Harvest
Metal - The Energy of The Autumn
Water - The Energy of Winter

The Chakras
The Root Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology and feelings of security
The Sacral Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology, desire and creativity
The Solar Plexus Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology and sense of identity
The Heart Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology and emotions
The Throat Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology and our ability to communicate clearly
The Brow Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology and mental faculties
The Crown Chakra: How it affects our internal physiology and how we connect with the outside world and intuition.
How to Measure Chakra Dysfunction
How To Balance The Chakras

Knowledge Base Videos
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Understand essential oils as the most profound level.
14 hours of in-depth training 45 videos

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